Hello everyone!

Ok, lately I’ve been approaching the fine art of chess, mostly by watching youtube videos on the matter, and with some playing on too. So I couldn’t avoid watching tons of video of the croatian youtuber Agadmator, which is really putting a lot of effort in getting people closer to chess, by publishing one or more videos every day.

So if you’ve been watching some of his videos, you might have noticed that aside the obvious personal contribute he puts in analyzing the games, the rest of the videos is generally just showing the moves and maybe adding some kind-of-predictable comments on them. When the idea came to my mind, I couldn’t help it. I *had to* do algorithmize agadmator.

Long story short, I spent three nights developing a web app which receives a PGN game in input and then generates an (fake) agadmator video for it.

I think it’s quite funny, I’ve really been enjoying the making of it and the end result, however it’s obviously improvable.

The link (for chrome or firefox only, desktop only – sorry for that, didn’t have time to optimize it) is here: Agadmatorizer

Of course I don’t think anyone will really read this, but if someone does, and if agadmator does, I hope you enjoyed this webapp, thank you for reading this post and I’ll see you soon.