Raspberry PI as FM AUX input for your car radio

When i read about turning your Raspberry PI into a FM transmitter i was really excited. That’s real hacking!
I decided to try to use this hack to provide an aux input for car radio which doesn’t have it, and i succeeded (quite well).

I downloaded the FM transmitter C program from the link above and figured out a way to drive my usb audio card mic input to the program, to be able to broadcast that in FM: wonderful.

The result was a short range Raspberry PI powered FM transmitter, and i was able to tune my radio to the right frequency (in this case 100.00 MHz) and to listen for the music i was playing from my device.


Since there has been some interest about how I made this, I post here the little scripts I wrote for this project, even if they are not written very well, and may not be easy to understand and adapt to your needs. Here they are: