Some music, please

I’d like to spend a few words about a project I’ve been doing with a friend for some years so far. My friend, nicknamed ‘Cassio’, enjoys singing some music (sort of dancehall/reggae/hip hop) and It’s been years since I started assisting him technically to record some of his songs.

We bought some stuff, like a decent microphone, a tiny¬†external audio card, some cables and a dedicated PC, and we’ve been recording some tracks using Cubase 5, with me enjoying exploring new effects and possibilities offered by the software. I must say that has been¬†very much fun, and I’m sharing it on this blog because I think it’s a pretty interesting experience, with (maybe) some technical value too.

If you’re interested in listening some of the songs we produced, you can find them on his official soundcloud page. The songs are in italian.