1-hour-app project and randomChan

The 1-hour-app project is something I started to force myself learn android programming. It’s not a serious effort to make vendible apps, but more a concept that should stimulate myself to produce something creative fast, with simple ideas and easy implementation.

As you expect, the idea is to program an app from scratch to Play Store publishing in just 1 hour. This means that the main functionality of the app should be running in an hour, further improvement and updates are of course allowed, especially if I like the result when I’m done with the first development.

Actually I think that’s both funny and useful, or at least has been so far, with my first one-hour-app: randomChan.

The app is available on the Play Store, and was refined after first publishing. Of course, it’s kind of nonsense app, which I guess will be common when making apps with deadlines that tight.

update: Google decided the app was infringing someone’s intellectual property. I don’t know whose. In the future, I may reupload the app on a different app store.