Raspberry PI powered Door Alarm

This is my last Raspberry PI project. It’s a simple alarm driven by a home-made door sensor which plays an alarm sound and sends me a message via twitter.

The video is in italian.

Here’s the python code which uses the tweepy library:


# Import modules for CGI handling 
import cgi, cgitb, time
import RPi.GPIO as GPIO
import os
import tweepy
import traceback

#fill these variables with your twitter app data
oauth_token = ** 
oauth_token_secret = **

consumer_key = **
consumer_secret = **

auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(consumer_key, consumer_secret)
auth.set_access_token(oauth_token, oauth_token_secret)
api = tweepy.API(auth)

def send_tweet( api, what ):
        print "Tweeting '"+what+"'.."
        now = int(time.time())
        api.update_status('@danielenick89 '+ str(now) +': '+ what)
        print "Tweet id "+str(now)+ " sent"
        print "Error while sending tweet"

GPIO.setup(11, GPIO.IN)
state = GPIO.input(11)
#print "Content-type: text/htmlnn";
while not GPIO.input(11):
#print "Activated.."
while GPIO.input(11):

send_tweet(api, "RasPI: Unauthorized door opening detected.")
os.system("mplayer alarm2/alarm.mp3");

In order to use this code you have to create an application on twitter, and then fill the variables (oauth_token, oauth_token_secret, consumer_key, consumer_secret) with the relative value you can find in the site after creating the app.