JSGeneticNeuralNetwork.js experiment

This new project is about feed forward neural network with genetic evolving weights. I’ve combined my two libraries, JSGenetic and JSNeuralNetwork, plus a little module I’ve developed about continuous genetic algorithms, and developed a little library which evolves neural networks with a genetic algorithm.

A little example I’ve made to test the library can be found here, it’s pacman learning to eat.

There are also other examples in the JSNeuralNetwork page.

JSNeuralNetwork updates and some more experiments

I’ve updated the JSNeuralNetwork library implementing a small and still simple version of the Hopfield Network, along with some implementations.

Moreover, I implemented a new experiment based on the Kohonen networks, which is about vision, and needs a webcam to work.


As usual everything is here: https://www.nicassio.it/daniele/JSNeuralNetwork/.