MicroAccounting Web App

This semester at the university I attended a course of web programming, and as part of the final exam I was asked to develop a web application. It would use a Java servlet hosted by the Google App Engine, and would store data to the Google’s Datastore.

I thought that it would be much more useful to make a mobile web app, which is something slightly more challenging which I didn’t practice a lot in the past.

The app goal is to track daily expenses, by providing a way to insert, edit and delete transactions.

Of course the whole project was basically boring (which is different than easy), so I decided to add a funny functionality: I included a QR code scanner to add transactions by automatically, simply scanning the related QR code.

In the end, it has been fun, and as usual I’m writing this blog post to keep track of my works.

A live version of the app is hosted by Google here.

A simple test Microaccounting Store which provides QR codes to test the app is here.